As a top wedding photography specialist in Ireland, I have a natural inclination to observe everything that surrounds me. For me it is all about capturing the essence of your day, people's feelings, the laughs and tears, the joy, the fun and excitement. My focus is to let you relive those beautiful moments you lived but also to surprise you showing you moments of your wedding day you did not even notice.

When I am behind the camera my focus is all on capturing real moments and emotions as they unfold throughout the day without staging anything or asking you to pose for me. I advocate for non staged photography, keeping things very simple and telling a real story you can read through beautiful images that show things as they happened.

It is one of the most important days of your life. You deserve elegance and style.

During your wedding day I will only ask to be in front of the camera for the family photos and you will be able to fully enjoy and celebrate every moment as if I am not even there.

Even when taking some images of the two of you alone everything happens in a natural way without the need for you to pose for me. I may just give brief directions as having a walk, to hold each other's hands, etc.

I believe my photo journalistic, non-obstructive style is ideal as it allows you to relax and me to work from interesting angles and whenever possible to avail of natural light to retain the atmosphere of the moment, creating the most flattering images for you.

A day full of joy and emotions. Your memories captured in a real way. 

My promise is that I will let you enjoy your day without interrupting any moment. From morning preparations, to wedding reception, dinner, cutting of the cake, speeches and first dance you, your family and guests will be able to enjoy every minute without thinking of looking good in the camera or feeling under pressure to pose for me. I will work in the background to create stunning images, where you look at your best.

During the day I move discreetly without attracting attention on me while focusing on capturing unique moments in a beautiful and artistic way. If you look at some of these images, you can see that none of these moments are staged. Everything you see is real, yet represented in an elegant and stylish way.

The colours, the light… feel the beautiful atmosphere again.

My recipe to obtain wonderful wedding photographs contains the following ingredients: a creative photographic eye, strong camera's skills and fundamental understanding of use light. All these contribute each other in the creation of beautiful, flattering and stunning images of you and your wedding day.

 Unforgettable moments with your beloved, something to cherish forever.

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