This page includes some Frequently asked Questions about my terms and conditions and the recent EU personal data regulation (GDPR).


How do you receive my contact details?

I only receive your contact details as name, surname, email address, phone number, etc when you contact me and share them with me (for example when you send me an email or fill the contact form). 


How do you treat my contact details and data?

I take your privacy very seriously, keep your data confidential and never send out unsolicited marketing emails. I will only retain our email conversations for the nature of the business until necessary and up to a maximum of 2 years.


How do you store my wedding photos and for how long you keep the files?

Your wedding photos are safely stored in password protected, encrypted hard drives.

Please note that while it is your responsibility to store and make a back up copy of the images once received,  I usually also keep a backup copy of the photos for up to 2 years from the date of the wedding. This is handy in those scenarios where you may have accidentally deleted or lost access to your images and would like to receive another copy of the files.


Will you use my wedding photos for advertisement?

As a photographer the only way for me to show my work is to display images. I am therefore very appreciative if you, as a couple, would give me the consent to use a few of your wedding photos as a sample of my work or for advertisement as this would help me to promote my business.

For advertisement I intend that I could be showcasing some of my work on brochures, wedding fairs, or in my online portfolios as this website and/or my pages on social media platforms or blog, studio samples, competitions, photo album suppliers, magazines, newspapers.


Note: You always have the freedom to choose whether you would like to give me consent to use a few photos in all, some or none of the type of advertisement mentioned above.

In addition to this, for your peace of mind, you retain the right and option to change your mind at any time (in other words, if you ever prefer me to remove a photo from my website, I will do so even if you had previously given me that permission).




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